Baby Jesus Healed and Loved His Mother


Like all mothers of a newborn, I was tired. No, that is too mild a description;  actually I was exhausted and felt completely depleted. I sat in the dark nursing my infant, struggling to centre myself in the Lord’s presence but I could not focus.  Suddenly, an unexpected flow of heat, the fire of God’s love flowed into me. Joy bubbled up, I started smiling, felt invigorated, my head cleared and all the tension left my muscles.   This experience shocked me intially.  This was the first time that I experienced a powerful touch of God through an infant. I heard these words, silently within me,

“I move how I want, when I want. You cannot control my Spirit or manipulate me because I am the Lord of your spirituality, not you. And at this moment, I choose to move through the most open soul here, your infant. She is my daughter, made in my image. Relax. Humble yourself and let me heal you through your baby.


I bet Mary experienced the very same thing. In this painting by Marianne Stokes, she is exhausted and has fallen asleep while angels entertain baby Jesus. Not only did she love her infant but Jesus loved her, even before birth! Can you imagine this young girl’s shock, as she nursed a pre-verbal baby, yet felt His Spirit flowing into her, nourishing her, healing her loving her?

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