Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival

 Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. We are a group of Catholic bloggers who gather weekly t o share our best posts with each other. To participate, go to your blog and create a post titled Sunday Snippets–A Catholic Carnival. In it, discuss and link to your posts for the week–whether they deal with theology, Catholic living or cute Catholic kids.

winter beauty
winter beauty
Question of the week:  Do you have any spiritual New Year’s Resolutions?
Answer: Yes- to use my facemask and breathing machine EVERY night, even it is only for 4 or 5 hours and even though it is uncomfortable because I do get times of deep sleep when I use it. This is for my spiritual health not only my physical, mental and emotional well being because I cannot focus and centre on God when I am exhausted,
Although I am tiny, I have sleep apnea which means I stop breathing, snore LOUDLY and never get to deep levels of rest.  So, I am always exhausted. As the sleep specialist, a physician, said, ” Basically you sleep like a 75 year-old woman dozing on a bus.” Trying to find a mask to fit my face has been a failure because they do not make children’s size full face masks. Finally a company came out with one extra small mask but I still had to adjust the straps so tightly that I would wake up after an hour or so in pain. Some how, after giving up for months, somehow, I was able to sleep through the night with the mask on!! I woke up the last few days from a deep sleep! This could literally change my life. This is a BIG DEAL. The only drawback is that I am walking around with a bright red mark across the bridge of my nose.
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