The Catholic Prayer of Silence

The words prayer and contemplation intimidate many people but the reality is that prayer is simple, so simple that it eludes many adults,


Be Quiet.

Breathe in Deeply.

Enjoy the silence.

Connect and listen.

Sometimes we need to simply cease our activity, live in the moment and breathe.

This is reality. When the Spirit flows in and through us as we breathe in and out, we are in sync with everything and everybody. We are part of the Trinity, part of the human community and part of the communion of saints without straining or striving. It is like sinking into what was there all along but we were too busy to notice.

How do we relax into this state?

In and through prayer. Have you ever noticed that every liturgy begins with a blessing of peace and simultaneously a call to prayer because they are intricately connected.

L: “Peace be with you”

P: “And also with you.”

L: “Let us lift up our hearts to the Lord”

P: “We lift them up to the Lord”

L: Faithful and gracious God, we seek to draw nearer to you in this time of devotion and prayer. Open us to your word that we might be guided in your Spirit toward all truth and love, for we pray in Christ’s name.

P: Amen.

Sometimes we need repetition, written prayers because we are in such turmoil that it is impossible to unwind and come to a place of inner silence without the familiar. Sacred music helps shut down crazy thoughts and connect us to God. Of course God initiated moments of grace are the most effective. Slowly I am discovering that I can centre on Him when I simply breathe the Holy Spirit in deeply and relax into reality because I am always connected to God. The reality is simple. I am in God and He is in me. I am just not always aware of that fact.


Be Quiet.

Breathe in Deeply.


Soak in His Presence.




God asks me to quit running around drawing on my energy to build His Kingdom. I heard these word 24 years ago. I am a slow learner.

“You think that you are building my church

With all your activity but

You are not helping Me,

you are hindering my work.

All I want,

All I need is for you

To stand before the cross

And allow  the                                                                                         Fire of my Son’s Love to

Pierce you heart

Transforming you

Into His presence on Earth.”


Be Quiet.

Breathe in Deeply.


Soak in His Presence.

It is simple.

8 thoughts on “The Catholic Prayer of Silence

  1. This is excellent Melanie. I need to cultivate more silence. I never thought of the “Peace be with you” invocation. What I use when I want to seek peace is the Agnus Dei:
    Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
    Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.
    Lamb of God, you who take away the sins of the world, grant us peace.


  2. I thank God for his presence! I experienced the Lord as I was reading this. I am an expressive person so it is hard for me to be still and quiet. I appreciate the Catholic Church’s teaching about prayer. I love the liturgy! What a sense of peace and joy it can bring.
    I also love the picture of the cabin and the verse. It is good to draw away sometimes, and to be with Him. It is good to be still. God bless.


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