Small Success Thursday: My Word For This Year

Well, when I asked for a word for this year with a fuzzy, mush brain on Jan.1, the word that popped into my head was quite unexpected, a surprise really because it is not a word that I would usually focus on. What popped into my head seemed boring and mundane at first..steadfast. Then, unexpectedly, I started to smile because I realized that when I remain constant and steady, all sorts of wonderful things happen deep within me, seemingly without my participation, if I just stay focused and constant, steady. My intuition, creativity, bubbles up when I remain still in one spot and give those gifts a chance to form and rise up.

images (27)

Now for some people , this might seem to be a boring, stodgy sort of word but for  some reason  I started to smile as bubbles of joy started to pop up and float through my whole system. In fact I a grinning quite foolishly right at this moment. umm why?.. It occurs to me that is I simply remain steady, grounded, looking at Him, He will do the rest of the real work in me. All I am called to do is keep my eyes fixed on God, steadily. unwaveringly and He will do the healing and transforming bePicMonkey Collage

So my success for this week is only one; I actually heard the voice of God and I have a word to direct me for this year. I did not have to fast or pray for hours. No, I just turned to my Dad in heaven and He provided the answer immediately because when I ask for bread, he does not give me a stone.


Copyright 2014 Melanie Jean Juneau

21 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: My Word For This Year

  1. I love the idea of a word for the year! I think I might try that! I also love that you picked “heard the voice of God” as your success. That is beautiful and focused in the right place!


  2. Love it. My word for the year is Health. I’m concentrating on the Synonyms and hoping to stay away from the Antonyms. Who knew one word would be so broad.


  3. Steadfast is a great word, and not boring at all! I don’t have a word for the year, but God is speaking to me about “relationship”. I am to have a deeper relationship with Him.
    God bless.


  4. Trust- it came to me while reading one of your posted images. When I think about it, this word has been popping up everywhere for me lately. I like the idea of these words to be used as anchors or reminders as we navigate through the daily ups and downs in the upcoming year.


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