7 QT Friday- When Goodwill is Not Enough


  • When I started writing columns about my life as a mother of a large family, I was not ready for the backlash that came not from secular society ( I had experienced that my whole married life) but from other committed Catholics. Perhaps some angry comments come from people who feel guilty for preventing pregnancies or they regret an abortion or because they suffer from infertility. Somehow, they think that I am criticizing them and they are “sick” of being looked down on or judged!! I was utterly shocked since I have spent most of my life feeling judged and condemned for having too many kids.

  • Then a voice of reason spoke through the editor to commentators:

Can I make a humble suggestion?

When we read something where someone shares their life experiences, think not “how is this person looking to insult me and look down on me because they have lived a different life”, but rather “how can I use those experiences outlined here for my own benefit?”

  • My point with all this is that

  • Only when I am filled with divine love, only then will my words pierce hearts, console, bring peace or convict. Only when I live and move and breathe in the Holy Spirit, only then can I really love the angry, agitator who loves to attack and critize.
  • Copyright 2014 Melanie Jean Juneau

5 thoughts on “7 QT Friday- When Goodwill is Not Enough

  1. People need to stop thinking that folks HERE ON EARTH are judging their actions. Who they need to concern themselves as far as judgment is concerned is GOD. A lot of people justify their actions by measuring against the wrong measure… each other. That’s a poor way of aiming for heaven as a final destination, hmmm?


  2. It is sad that people personalize so many things. I posted a quote on my blog, for example, about the difference between beauty that is real and perceived, and my own sister took it personally, and made herself depressed the whole day because of it. Silly isn’t it, but remember – this, too, shall pass!


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