Baptism of the Lord: It is WHO We Are, Not What We Do

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In the Beginning by Ron DiCianni © 2013. Image used by

As soon as he was baptized, Jesus came up from the water. At once, the heavens opened and he saw the Spirit of God come down like a dove and rest upon him. At the same time a voice from heaven was heard,

“This is my Son, the Beloved; he is my Chosen One.”

 God the Father was pleased with Jesus before He even started His ministry, because Jesus was His Son. Period. It was who Christ was that pleased God, His inner Spirit, His core identity, not what He did. God loves a tiny sprout just as much as a mighty oak tree, a delicate vine as much as an entire orchard that feeds thousands. God does not see with human eyes, his values are different from ours that are rooted in productivity; the Father  does not look at outward appearances but at the heart of things, of us.

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