The Superstar Blogger Award: A Ripple Effect of Blessings

The Superstar Blogger Award

Well after 6 months of sticking to my no blogging awards decision, I have gleefully accepted  two awards in January, this one from a great story-teller friend. I am very humbled and honored to accept the “Superstar Blogger Award” from  Good Time Stories ~ Inspiring and Heartwarming. “Dick Muller” has a warm, insightful, funny page that I would strongly urge everyone to visit. He is humble and real, a great story-teller.

Notice that this star was formed simply with hands? People  had to coöperate and work with each other to create something while a sixth person took the photo.

Well that is what blogging is to me, people reading, writing, interacting, commenting and giving advice. It is because of others encouragement and examples that my writing is slowly developing and I am grateful.

The rules are almost the same with the other awards. Just answer this set of questions and that’s it!

  1. What is the funniest thing about you? I am tiny and have been called cute my entire life; I will die a cute little old lady and it probably should be etched on my tombstone.
  2. Who is your favorite personality? Well, probably Jesus. Sounds sappy and unreal but really that is who pops into my mind. I really would have liked to see Him in the flesh but since He lives within me, I am slowly getting to know Him. Besides my Saviour, I like another totally different type of person. I love intelligent people who are well read with a dry sense of humour and wit.
  3. What is your lucky thing? – I don’t have a lucky thing, only the Holy Spirit but He has me;  I really don’t have Him.
  4. What is your favorite weather? In Canada in the late springtime, when winter is finally over and the ground warm enough to start working, not too hot, perfect for gardening.
  5. A name that you want to give me.   The Consummate Story-teller.

It’s now time for my nominations for this award. I could easily go on and post a few pages of wonderful blogs that I think that you would enjoy but here are just a few of my favorite. Please take some time to visit them.

My nominations, people I have never warded before….



Catholic Mom of 10


Benmo –Tuning In

Pure Glory



Scorpion Sting

Victor S E Moubarak

steverebus  – iChristian


The Hurt Healer



There are so many other sites that I would love to nominate but perhaps YOU will pass this on to others so it spreads like a ripple effect.

I'm part of Post A Day 2014

20 thoughts on “The Superstar Blogger Award: A Ripple Effect of Blessings

  1. Melanie I have not been commenting for awhile been so busy I see you have been too! Thanks for the mention I am touched you would think of me. Although I do not follow through with awards I do appreciate the call out. I still have not had time to write a story for readwave either. Congrats.


  2. Thank you for the nomination! I’m flattered to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the other talented bloggers you nominated. Is this my “Susan Lucci” moment? 🙂 Family life has taken precedence over blogging for nearly two months. When I have to choose the best use of my time, family is going to come first! Perhaps I’ll concentrate on dictating blog posts on Evernote when I have time to work through the learning curve. Congratulations on your own award!


  3. Congratulations Melanie on a well deserved Award. I like your writing and what you have to say.

    Thank you too for a less deserved nomination of my Blog for an Award. I accept humbly and would like to thank my cat who has been a source of inspiration, my Aunt Gertrude for being a source of irritation, my dog for being a source of relaxation albeit we watch his doggie programs on TV, the hose pipe in the garden for being a source of irrigation to my plants who have been a source of vegetation and ….

    Seriously though, thank you so much Melanie for your continued support and encouragement for my simple offerings to the Blogging reading world.

    God bless you always.


  4. Congratulations on your well deserved nomination Melanie. I love your writing and creative posts! And thank you as well for your very kind nomination! I really appreciate it! I haven’t been reading or commenting on as many blogs lately either because I’ve been so busy running the karate club and researching, connecting and writing about Parkinson’s. They’re both full-time jobs, but I love it!

    I hope your writing leaves you feeling enormously fulfilled!



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