7QT Friday: The Circle of Life

  • Last friday our fourth grandchild was born, a big boy who looks EXACTLY like my son did when he was born. It is almost unnerving. To top it off my son looks just like my father. This new baby even has my son’s temperament because his heart rate remained remarkably low throughout the birth, just like my unflappable son.

My eldest was a contemplative sort even as a baby, as he examined and studied everything! We have a picture of him studiously playing checkers with my husband, head in his hands, studying every move made on that checker board. It looks like his son will be much the same. It is  the circle of life

  •  God loves us and knows us intimately “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”(Jeremiah)

And God’s Word then challenges us to continue the circle of love by the way that we live, knowing that “actions speak louder than words.”

  • The Bible states that from ashes we were created and from ashes we should return
  •  Even Native proverbs speak about the circle of life. A man’s life is a circle from childhood to childhood, and thus it is in everything where the power moves.
  • The Circle of Life from the Lion King is a thrilling song with a stirring melody and moving.There are many biblical lessons found in “The Lion King” if one is open enough to observe them. I know some people denounce the Lion King but I find that God can speak through anything and everything.”The Lion King” is a coming of age story where Simba, a young lion cub, grows up and becomes king but not without struggles. How finally discovers his place in the circle of life. When we discover who we are and how we fit into life, then God can start using us.


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8 thoughts on “7QT Friday: The Circle of Life

  1. Congratulations on your new grandbaby! I only have one, but he is truly a delight to everyone who meets him. My daughter says he changes hearts wherever he goes. Such gifts these little people are!


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