Small Success Thursday: Basking in Images That Glorify God

This week has been a Pinterset week. I unearthed  hundreds of images of Mary, the saints, nuns, monks, icons, stained glass. .. I must admit that the experience was rather like being caught up in a snowball as it rolled inevitably down hill, gathering ever more images and increasing speed because when I checked out someone who had repined many of my pictures, I would open a treasure trove of images that I wanted to share and not lose.

Some might not consider this a success but rather an indulgence, a sort of sin of picture gluttony but I want to share a couple of images from each group that are inspiring, beautiful and poignant. So some visual treats to bless your souls and blast the winter blues out of your system.

small success list:

  • discovering images that give glory to God
  • celebrating new life with my son who is a new doting father and my daughter-in-law who stuck out nursing their baby even though it took 6 days for her milk to come in
  • managing to maintain relative sanity by centering on God while going through family crisis with one daughter and as a result the while family
  • working on a book
  • actually writing the gospel reflection for May at CatholicMom and I am two articles ahead for my weekly article.. I am someone who usually writes best on the spur of the moment, at the last-minute

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