Breaking Out of Ant Like Behaviour

I have often thought that much of my life resembles the life of an ant, a worker ant, not the queen.

Ants scurry about, eyes trained on the ground in front of them, hauling loads of food that are bigger than they are. They are completely oblivious to the world around them, fixated solely their own tiny society. Often this narrow viewpoint leads to disastrous results, with whole colonies wiped out of existence when the macrocosm surrounding them crashes into their little world.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to communicate with an ant, or to warn an ant of danger. Any offer of help frightens them because an ant perceives anything that intrudes into their microcosm as a threat. I cannot help an ant because I cannot communicate with him.

I have often thought that much our life resembles the life of an ant. I run around busy with tasks, keeping my nose to the proverbial grindstone, oblivious to the realities of the rest of human society never mind the universe.

When nature or the Spirit tries to break through to help me, I panic, feel threatened and run away, returning to labour in my little microcosm where I feel safe. ..My earnest striving is counter productive because it isolates me from larger realities that surround me.

Fortunately, God is better at communicating with me than I am at communicating with ants. He only needs a sliver of an opening in my heart, a quick glance in His direction or a fleeting thought to make a connection with me. In fact God became one with all of us, in a sense he became the equivalent of an ant, so He could speak, touch, love and become visible to”ants” on earth.

So everyday, I am choosing to turn to God and break out of my ant behaviour. He has healed me enough. I AM free enough to choose now. Everyday this week, I have been experiencing small successes

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10 thoughts on “Breaking Out of Ant Like Behaviour

  1. Most days I’m very aware of others, of suffering, of life around me…. but I do have my ant days. I love the way you wrote this. It’s so terribly true some days. Blessings, Em


  2. Wonderful post as always, Melanie, written with your usual humility and self–awareness. Sometimes I think ants have the right idea. Just concentrate on your own little world, your own little tasks in life, and leave the rest of the world alone.


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