7 QT Friday: All About the Heart

  • I have to dedicate this post to a phrase that pierced my heart today.

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It brought tears to my eyes . It is not originally from a Catholic, or even a Christian but from someone I have never heard of. Although he does seem well-known on the internet. This quote is very similar to biblical and Catholic sayings from the saints. Perhaps it was the modern wording but it pierced my heart right to the quick, where my secret longing, my true heart’s desire lies. The words were,”we are all just walking each other home” by a person called ram dass

  • Then I made the quote my own, putting it into my Christian terms of reference images
  • Yet heaven is also within us. We can learn to live in our true home while we are on earth. A obscure little book on spirituality reminds me of this fact .

“When we carry God in our hearts, we are at home anywhere.” 

(from The Living Pyx of Jesus, by a Religious, Pelligrini and Co., Australia, 1941)

God in our hearts4

  • Even better, when we live in the heart of God, we are at home no matter where we are

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  • Reminding myself that God is within me and I am in God, gives me courage to pray not just with my intellect but with my heart, soul and inner spirit. Give your inner soul or spirit, the part of you that is united to Jesus,  give your soul permission to rise up and take charge when you pray. The logical mind needs to take a break and your intuitive, creative, subconscious self can hear God more clearly. Sometimes Christian music, holy pictures, even simply relaxing your muscles and mind is enough of a window for your spirit, united with the Holy Spirit to do the praying is you. It is simple and easy-just like breathing because God is near to you as the words on your lips and your own heart.


  • The Jesus Prayer is one way of learning to pray with our hearts
 “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, the sinner”

This prayer has been taught throughout the history of the 
Eastern Churches. It is often repeated continually as an part of the eremitical tradition of prayer to learn “to keep stillness”. The prayer is taught by the spiritual fathers  as a method of opening up our hearts and bringing about the Prayer of the Heart.

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