Joyful Vocations

The convent, monastery, or active consecrated life are other, often overlooked choices for women today. In fact, it is important to acknowledge that the first feminists were definitely nuns. Have you read some of the female saints? They are often  strong, outspoken, witty and hilarious, hardly  docile, meek, wall flowers or a clinging vines. No, women of God are mighty oak trees, sheltering God’s children in their branches as  mothers,  teachers, nurses  and lovers of God. Glimpse some of the young women who love God and have consecrated themselves as nuns. They are a sign of a different sort of lifestyle, another choice for modern women today.

proclaiming vows
proclaiming vows
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at work
joyful, intense, beautiful
joyful, intense, beautiful

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4 thoughts on “Joyful Vocations

  1. Melanie I have seen some beautiful things on Catholic websites but this is one of the most beautiful pages I have ever seen. This is filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. I could not help but see Mother Mary in them. These pictures help me to understand Mother Mary!
    May God continue to bless each one of them as they live their lives consecrated to Him. Amen.


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