The Practice of the Presence of God with Brother Lawerence

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection (1611 – 1691) 5110wTzBn9L

I find it amazing that this simple brother wrote in the 1600’s because his spirituality and wisdom are so throughly modern. Look at this following quote. It is humourous, wise and speaks just as powerfully to a 21st century Christian as to one living in the 17th century.I think that one sign of a book that is inspired by the Holy Spirit is that it transcends time and place when the author speaks from his heart to the heart of his readers.


“’A brief lifting up of the heart is enough’, writes Brother Lawrence, recommending this practice to a gentleman, ‘a brief remembrance of God, an act of inner adoration, even though on the run with sword in hand.  These prayers, short as they may be, are very pleasing to God, and far from leaving us fearful, strengthen us in the most dangerous of circumstances.  Keep this in mind as often as possible; this manner of prayer is very necessary for a soldier always exposed to threats to his life and often to his salvation’”.


Institute of Carmelite Studies – ICS Publications, Washington, DC (No permission needed to electronically distribute)

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