Small Success Thursday: Crocheting to Freedom with Prayer

There is nothing better than fashioning something

out of nothing.

I crochet in the car with my husband driving into the city, at meetings, waiting for appointments, waiting for other people’s appointments, during boring sporting events, and during after dinner conversations. In short, I crochet while I am waiting.Crocheting is relaxing because it occupies my mind but frees my spirit to simply be open and listen with no noise from my thoughts..

Success is listening while my hands and mind are kept occupied

Be still and know that I am God

or cease striving

Psalm 46:10  New American Standard Bible

Cease striving and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

I stumbled upon a wonderful source of FREE crochet patterns for babies and children and I am excited to start making special outfits, jackets, booties and even little shoes.This week I finished this pattern. Mine looks EXACTLY like was just easier to upload this pattern. It literally took under 3 hours to complete a hat and sweater and I made a matching baby blanket as well. For $9.00 I will get a baby blanket and at least five sweaters, and two hats!!

Success is freedom from buying gifts.

Sweaters 1

Usually, I crochet queen size blankets, cream coloured bed covers, Afghans, shawls, baby blankets, scarves , dish cloths and gorgeous hand towels but I have never considered crocheting anything else. Nine kids with birthdays, weddings and now grandbabies kept me crocheting constantly for years. However, just before Christmas, my youngest daughter helped me find patterns for head bands and hats and they are a huge success ( I am actually in fashion, now!) I made at least a dozen of these headbands and hats for Christmas.

There is nothing better than fashioning something out of nothing.

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11 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Crocheting to Freedom with Prayer

  1. I am just learning to crochet! I’ve started with a baby blanket for a friend who is expecting their first baby this spring. I love taking something like a ball of yarn, and turning it into something so precious and beautiful.


  2. Awesome. I want to crochet or knit but don’t think I have the patience. An acquaintance bought into a knitting store and they do all sorts of classes. I may have to see if they do private classes for the craftily inept lol.


      1. I have OCD and have always had trouble with anything “crafty”. It is the whole perfection thing. Other people who are knitters told me I would probably do better with crochet.


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