7QT Friday: Social Media

  • 7 Quick Take Fridays is a time to list seven quick points which have been interesting this week but not large enough to make a entire post of.


  • I discovered a wonderful statue of St. Francis that I have put on my blog. It is really a symbol of my own spirituality because it expresses simplicity, joy, a sense of humility and even a sense of not taking ones self too seriously. Also It captures the joy of the moment, the delight that we can find in the smallest detail .



  • A blogging friend Cristina T  from http://fillingmyprayercloset.com/ helped me organize this blog by giving me a few tips on what to include, colour scheme and what is best put on pages. It is gar from professional but at least a have a static home page, some pages with contact info, about me and an easier way to use archives.

joy of nine9   melanie jean juneau  author journalist


AN Article of mine was published on CatholicMom explaining what the Spirit of God has taught me about holiness. It is all about relaxing and letting God be in control, not striving in my own human strength.


We have all read of saints who claim to live in mystical union with Christ. The image that comes to mind is of medieval  saints who are morose and miserable, wearing hair shirts and living on bread and water. However I discovered that the claims of saints are not bogus but true and furthermore that it is completely realistic that I should expect  to  live joyfully in the Resurrection.  The accounts of the saints might be couched in fanciful, archaic language but they are not allegories or fairy tales. This  Resurrected life is not  for  a select few; humans are wired for a life lived in and through a mystical connection to God.  In fact life in Christ is not a big deal;  it is simply the normal Christian life.

read more > http://catholicmom.com/2014/02/20/saints-are-simply-living-the-normal-christian-life/


  •  Although, I realize that I do not really know how use social media effectively, I nevertheless post on anything and everything. However I  try not to become a nuisance, so I publish one post a week on my blogs which features  a choice from four sources- RebelMouse, Newsle, paper.li or Twylah.Yesterday, on mother of nine9 , I presented articles from  around the web which were published last week and posted on Rebel Mouse.


joy of nine9


  • At paper.li, I get to choose which articles seem each week

joy of nine9


  • I can also add article which Newsle misses

Melanie Jean Juneau  Village Acres


  • Twylah can be a bit difficult to manage because I have to cut all the replicated articles that arethe result of tweets but there set up is one of the nicest, so it is often worth the effort to go through and delete repeat listings. But i have little control over what is posted. For example the listings Catholic, Women ane Bloggers are all about the same posts from Association of Catholic Women Bloggers.melanie jean juneau Twitter   melanie jean juneau Trending


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9 thoughts on “7QT Friday: Social Media

  1. That statue is terrific–you’ve nailed it, the idea of not taking oneself too seriously. Something almost all of us who believe need work on! 🙂 Also, that “What Jesus did for me” painting is breathtaking.


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