7 Posts in 7 Days: Embracing Reality With Joy

Imagine you could freeze time for 6 minutes a day, stretch those 6 minutes to last for hours and with the with a snap of your fingers, time would begin again as if only six minutes had passed. Imagine the possibilities. Of course this flight of fantasy taps into all of our deepest desires  to act like a god, to be in control, to be in charge and not a mere puppet of time, living with the uncertainties of life in a body on earth.

 Of course from the perspective of an earth-born mortal, life is cruel and everything in me rebels against reality, from the reality of aging to the reality of my seeming powerlessness. YET…

I am not merely a flesh and blood, fragile mortal. I do not simply house a soul in a decaying body. I am a soul who happens to be in a body at the moment( roughly quoted from C.S. Lewis) That truth changes everything. That truth opens my mind to eternity and puts any suffering here, in this life into perspective. As humans we want to cling to life but the only way to truly live joyful is to let go of control and to flow with time, life, reality in humility.

I want to be great, yet it is only by embracing my littleness that the Holy Spirit can do anything through me. 

 He must increase, but I must decrease.- John 3:30


I'm part of Post A Day 2014

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