WISDOM FROM The Orthodox Church: St. John of Kronstadt

Quotes from St. John of Kronstadt, My Life in Christ


“When you are praying, watch over yourself so that

not only your outward man prays, but your inward one also. 

Wherever I am, as soon as I raise the eyes of my heart in my affliction to God, the Lover of men immediately answers my faith and prayer, and the sorrow immediately departs.

st-john-of-kronstadt-iconThere is nothing impossible unto those who believelively and unshaken faith can accomplish great miracles in the twinkling of an eye. Besides, even without our sincere and firm faith, miracles are accomplished, such as the miracles of the sacraments; for God’s Mystery is always accomplished, even though we were incredulous or unbelieving at the time of its celebration. Every hour near me, only I do not see it, but I feel it vividly in my heart. Sorrow is the death of the heart and it is the falling away from God.

Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” (Rom. 3:3).

 Our wickedness shall not overpower the unspeakable goodness and mercy of God;

our dullness shall not overpower God’s wisdom, nor our infirmity God’s omnipotence.  

This above quote reminds me of St. Francis who says that the light of just one sing!

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