Consecrated to God: A Life of Paradoxes

I am thrilled to discover that it is Catholic Sister’s Week  from March 8 to the 15th because I have hundreds of startling images of Catholic Nuns on Pinterest that I have waited to post on my blog. I already snuck a few of my favorites in other articles but today I present a sweeping panorama of the consecrated life of women religious. So, as I link up to Small Success Thursday on CatholicMom. I celebrate my success at finding incredible images of sisters, many which tell a poignant story in the photo, a frozen moment in time.

 Nuns inspire me,

light a flame in my heart,

a flame of hope in surrender,

raising my eyes to the heavenly kingdom

that lies both within my heart and all around me.

That lies both in the present and in eternity.

Consecrated to God: A Life of Paradoxes

strong and delicate, at the same time

serene yet often struggling

joyful but in sorrow as the old self dies

alone but in community

unmarried however wedded to the greatest bridegroom

PicMonkey CollagePicMonkey Collage

PicMonkey Collage

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11 thoughts on “Consecrated to God: A Life of Paradoxes

  1. Dear Melanie, I can’t wait to see the beautiful images you will share for Catholic Sister’s week. I am always impressed by your lovely selection of art. You have great taste and many other beautiful gifts too! God bless you and your family. Lora


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