Presence Evangelism is the New/ Old Evangelism

This move of the Spirit is quiet, subtle and entirely grassroots. 
The stars have fallen. The big names have grown old.
Society is weary of huge, dazzling Christian shows. People crave reality.

Evangelism has gone through many stages to reach the place we are today.Up until the late 60’s, evangelists were mainly preachers of the Word. In the Protestant camp, Billy Graham shone the brightest while for Catholics,the first name that pops into my head as an example is Bishop Fulton Sheen and his radio program.These men focused on an evangelism of the word, a preached sermon or talk with the purpose of convincing people to repent, change and commit their lives to God.

The primary way the Holy Spirit touched people in large crowds in the 70’s, 80′ and 90’s was through power evangelism. Rather than preaching long sermons, the evangelists who drew the largest crowds were prophets and healers. The Spirit fell in a tangible way.This was not restricted to the Protestants. The Catholics experienced their own Charismatic Renewal with crowds of 30,000 gathering in Rome in the mid 70’s. I remember one Catholic Charismatic Conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, where 10,000 people sang gently, harmoniously in tongues like angels and I am sure with angels. Organizers allowed the Holy Spirit to move gently among the crowd, healing physically and emotionally.

Now the Spirit of God is moving among the grassroots. It is the time for the little people to shine. God is chosing humble, ordinary people who have suffered and lived obscure lives faithful to Him and allowed Him to purify and mold them into His presence. Such men and women attract others who are hungry for God because people sense the love and power of God in them. There is no room for pride or ego because it is all about God saving them in their littleness.

For example, I was stranded for 10 hours in an airport, 3 years ago with an East-German archaeologist. He spoke of his work and I shared funny stories about living with nine kids. I did not preach. Suddenly he asked,

“What is it about you? You are the most powerful person I have ever met.”

He shocked me. Sure I felt God and His joy was bubbling up within me but I had not prayed for or healed this man. I simply made him laugh.

However we were both aware of a power flowing around us even though he was an East German atheist! It was tangible. This is presence evangelism. God does all the work. We simply relax and watch. There is no room for ego or pride because it is all about God, not us

unfinished by Mary Casset
unfinished by Mary Casset

8 thoughts on “Presence Evangelism is the New/ Old Evangelism

  1. Reblogged this on David Torkington and commented:
    This hidden mystical journey remains unseen, but the fruits are there for all to see, in the total commitment to a daily spiritual journey that encompasses every thing they say and do, offered in, with and through Christ to the father.


  2. Melanie, this is deeply profound. I sensed God’s presence as I read it. I think I’m a result of God’s Spirit working through the Catholic Church and Catholic people. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by what I see, hear, and read. It started with Pope Francis, then it was reading about the Saints, and now Catholic bloggers like yourself. I can say I love Pope Francis, (like a Grandfather), and so many things about the Church. I would have never guessed this in a million years. It was not my plan, but here I am. And I am thanking God for where I am. God bless.


  3. What is it about us converts that make us appreciate the faith so differently than some cradle Catholics? I know that “God has no grandchildren.” Every Christian teen or young adult (or old adult) who makes a personal commitment to Christ, a renewal of their baptism and confirmation sacraments, knows what I’m talking about. New life in Christ at any age moves us toward discipleship and evangelism ministry.


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