The Face of Christ?

The following images are all based on the Shroud of Turin. The icon is contemporary, painted by Ann Chapman



This first image is a 3-D image of the Risen Christ. from an image of The Shroud Of Turin.The image in the top row on the right is from  St Catherine monastery in Alexandria and is very famous. The second row both of the small light images on the left are called the Real Face of Jesus and are not  paintings but computer generated images from the Shroud of Turin, as seen on History Channel. The image on the right, in the second row is an actual painting by a young girl , Akiane Kramarik. The last, large work of art is  also based on the shroud. This painting is beautiful, capturing a strong man with deep, compassionate eyes.Don’t think I’ve ever seen this painting of Jesus. I am not sure of the artist but it is my favorite.

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15 thoughts on “The Face of Christ?

  1. Veronica would be proud of you Melanie. 🙂 I loved all the images. I can never have enough images of our Lord. It doesn’t even matter which one is the most likely. Even a black or asian Jesus moves me. I think it’s a good thing we don’t know how he appeared.


  2. I love the image on the right hand side, top row. It is from the St Catherine monastery in Alexandria and a very famous icon. That the eyes appear to look in different directions, with different expressions, is part of its genius. It really engages with the observer and draws one in.

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  3. Akiane Kramarik painted the picture of Jesus in the bottom row right side. She’s just a young lady and has been painting since she was a child. The little boy from heaven is for real stopped in his tracks when he seen the painting and he said this ones right.


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