Life is Fragile

I could have lost a daughter in childbirth on Saturday.

She almost bled out when she lost a litre of blood in seconds. Of course, in a modern hospital, an emergency team of no less than ten people, descended on her, whipped off all sheets, nightgown and the screen in place for her emergency C- section which upset her husband. HE had to be dragged out and told why she was treated like a piece of meat, naked with doors left wide open to the public corridor.

Life comes before propriety.

My daughter felt herself slip away8e039df28293e95b458a34513260614a
and even thought for a moment that she was dying.

Actually, she was dying.

Years ago she would have died.

In the third world, she would have died as the result of a series of complications that no one could have foreseen.

Life IS precarious.
Life is fragile.
Life is precious.

I treasure my new grandson.
I treasure my daughter.
I treasure life.Blitz_2014

35 thoughts on “Life is Fragile

  1. Jesus, Mary & Joseph…. Oh wow. I’m so thankful for the blessed outcome. I hope and pray all is well now. God bless you all. Praying!


  2. Melanie, how close to tragedy. My wife who is a doctor spent her early years in Obs and Gynae and what is forever imprinted on her memory is the loss of a mother in childbirth. Your family have been spared absolute tragedy by the quick thinking medical team. ‘Piece of meat’…. NO!!…. a body that was precious and flung into recovery and life. Thank that medical team who will go home and keep these memories of the ‘one’ who got away….the one they saved’!!
    Congratulations on being a Grandma to a lovely boy!!


  3. I have wondered how your daughter was doing! So glad she and the little guy are ok. God bless, and I am sure you are loving those precious newborn snuggles.


  4. Thank you Lord God for your plan for this family. A sad reality what you say is all too common and true. What we take for granted; health sanitization; exists in less than 1/3 of the World. Blessings to you and your Newest Addition.


  5. God bless your family! We must never take childbirth for granted. It will always be an event to be treated with respect, love and care of the highest order. A new life is entering the world!


  6. This made tears sting my eyes. We tend to take child birth and life itself for granted when they are gifts meant to be treasured. We will pray for your daughter, her husband, and baby and you all today. I am so thankful mother and baby are doing better.


  7. Hi Melanie, I am from a third world country but was extremely fortunate enough to receive the needed medical attention soon after delivering my 6th baby. I still remember the panic, fear and concern of the staff. I thought I was going to die… a moment I will never forget… I thank God for the grace at that time to say Mother Mary please hold my hand again and again and it brought me so much peace and in the face of death I had no fear. I believe that she really was present at that moment. We just discovered that we are expecting number 8 so please keep us in your prayers. God’s blessings.

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