GOD Reveals; We Simply Respond: LawnChair Catechism

LCC-Banner-550x203As Christians, our lives revolve around God and not the other way around. He reveals himself to us and we respond. When we recognize that it’s not all about us, we begin to develop a spirit of humility.  Believing in revelation means that we are to be aware and responsive to God’s initiative. images

Decades ago, I ranted and raved at efficient, organized people who tried to carry out their own personal agendas within Christian communities. Yet I  lacked the words to connect with people who dismissed me as an irrelevant, passive mystic.  It seemed that I was the proverbial contemplative Mary type trying to reason with a practical Martha type, all to no avail. I have literally given up on committees for years because the impasse is simply too frustrating.
Joe PaprockiIt explains this sort of Church activity perfectly, in a language anyone can understand. As he points out so succinctly, it is impossible to be spiritually proactive; anybody who tries always ended up with disastrous results. Just look at Adam and Eve, the people who built the Tower of Babel and Judas.images (2)
What brilliant examples! Thanks Joe; you have given me the language and examples to explain how God works to busy Catholics who think that they can bring the methods of  the secular business world and use them in the kingdom of God.

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