Imbued by the Spirit


I just wrote a post yesterday celebrating Catholic Art, yet again, describing inspired art as icons or paintings which are saturated with the Holy Spirit and imbued with a mystical presence. A commentator applied those words to us, praying that WE would become saturated with the Holy Spirit and imbued with his mystical presence. What a wonderful prayer, for the days leading up to Pentecost




Yet, as I think back over this week, I realize how blind I am because I am surrounded by God, especially when I garden because His presence really does saturate everything, the earth, the plants, the very air I breath. This thought brings tears to my eyes because I live in an igloo of icy indifference most of the time. Look at the beauty which surrounds me. Even non believers are drawn to nature, to garden, hike, camp because , even if it is unconscious, they sense the Spirit of God nourishing and replenishing them through nature




An online friend, through a Catholic Blogs group on Google+,  wrote these words, inspiring me to create a quote for him.

The Word of God is like water falling quietly on hidden buds.

Suddenly,  little flowers are blossoming everywhere.

So too God’s Word seems to blossom inside of us quietly, almost unnoticed.



An image for June which is the month of the Sacred Heart


4 thoughts on “Imbued by the Spirit

  1. The Holy Spirit works everywhere, alright! At times, we may think that the world lacks a beautiful garden of hope and goodness, but still, that garden of hope and goodness blooms ceaselessly! Optimism is a beautiful habit to have in life, you know! ^_^


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