Using Brand-Name Equipment: The Trinity

As Christians, the single most important thing that we know about God is that God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—the Trinity.


images-15Our contemporary understanding of a mystery is very different than the biblical understanding of mystery. Today, we think of a mystery as something to solve. In the Bible, a mystery is not something to be solved, but something to enter into. We may not fully understand a mystery, but we can know a mystery.

Questions for Reflection and Discussion on


  1. How would you describe the concept of the Trinity to a non- Christian? To a Christian child?


The Trinity defined simply:

1. Well of course the most traditional  and popular explanation of the Trinity is –1969282_610960462293118_613291832_n

St. Patrick’s description of the clover leaf with three separate sections yet part of the same leaf.


2. I like this analogy , which I read about decades ago and never forgot

The Father is the light  bulb on the ceiling; the source of all light

the Holy Spirit is the wiring which connects the Almighty with us on earth and

Jesus is the light switch; the way we activate our connection to God.


3. Someone left a comment on my blog a year or so ago and this is my favorite analogy of the Trinity.


Picture a glass table with a three-legged stool sitting on top.

Taking in the scene we can see the entire stool and understand that it is one piece of furniture with three legs.

However what if a young child was blindfolded and then guided to sit under the table. This child has never seen a stool.

When asked what he can see when the blind fold is removed and without moving his head or his eyes, he would describe three flat, separate circles.

Now try explaining to him that a three-dimensional object rested on his ceiling.

We are that toddler who cannot grasp what we cannot see with our naked eyes.

8 thoughts on “Using Brand-Name Equipment: The Trinity

  1. I like to use an egg as an analogy. One egg in hand … break egg open and separate the yolk and the white into separate containers, and hold the shell. Three parts of an egg, but call one egg.


  2. These are all great anaolgies! I think I remember the clover the most, and it was the easiest to teach my daughter about it.


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