Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art

spiritually powerful art

“This art work by Yongsung Kim is remarkable! I can see his faith transmitted onto canvas through his delicate brush strokes and selective views of Christ and His life among us. Thank you for find this and sharing it Melanie Jean Juneau. God bless you!” Mary Fredal2d43fdfd034dda25bd3c8cf4aeda7b33King of love / oil on canvas by Yongsung Kimbcc3cc2fb0ff94372e249517c184e358bbcd58801bd09279f4045043c777351d




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What Jesus did for me Yongsung Kim

11 thoughts on “Yongsung Kim: Powerful, Evocative Art

      1. Perfection does not consist in virtue that the soul knows itself but in what our Lord sees in her, which is a sealed, and so she has that assume but, for its part, to sit on my chest into the ground.

        St John Of The Cross.


    1. I bless the Lord for creating you, Kim! And that you try your best to follow Him. And these beautiful works of yours… it’s like He was leading your brush. It’s like a dialog, a dialog of love. Please, continue! Blazena
      PS: And, Melanie, may the Lord Himself reward you for the good job you are doing with this blog. I’ve just discovered you all!

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