Peter ALMOST Walks on Water: Gospel Reflection for Aug. 4

Matthew 14:22-36 , Jesus Walks on the Water

Put yourself in the scene of today’s gospel. Waves are pounding a little wooden fishing boat  as a storm rages all around you when suddenly, through the blowing wind and water spray,  you see someone or something walking on the water towards you. Quite disconcerting, wouldn’t you say? Of course, the disciples think they are seeing a ghost until Jesus quells their fears. Remarkably Peter responds to this wonderous sight by boldly declaring,
 “Lord, if it is you, bid me come to you on the water.” 
Now that is a sign of great faith for me. Jesus invites Peter out to join him by merely saying come.
 Without hesitation, Peter gets out of the boat and walks on the water.
 Yongsung Kim
Yongsung Kim
Peter actually walks on the water.
Nobody talks about that shining few seconds of miraculous faith. No, commentators focus on Peter’s lack of faith.
Would you have gotten out of that boat while the sea rolled beneath your feet?
Could you have walked on water like Peter did, even if it was only for a few moments?
Of course when Peter takes his eyes off his Saviour and actually looks at the wind, the reality of his situation hits him and he begins to sink. Yet Peter does not get any sympathy or even any praise for having actually walked on water, albeit it, only for a few steps. Nope. Jesus is quite harsh,
 “O man of little faith, why did you doubt?”
 Ponder: Why is Jesus so stern with poor Peter?
It is because this story  will illustrate, for future Christians, our basic walk with God. We are called to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, our sole Saviour and Redeemer. We can’t do anything on our own strength. No matter what our circumstances are, when our eyes are fixed on our Lord, anything and everything is possible. This is the normal Christian life. It is not for a select few. Jesus expects us to walk on water with him, daily.
Pray: I believe; Lord heal my disbelief.


6 thoughts on “Peter ALMOST Walks on Water: Gospel Reflection for Aug. 4

  1. What is the point of having a Leader who walks on water if we are not prepared to follow Him?

    This story also highlights another little discussed point. They thought He was a ghost. He told them He was not a ghost. This implies that even back then people believed in ghosts. Jesus did not say “There’s no such thing as a ghost”. He said “It is I” leaving the question open as to the existance (or not) of ghosts.

    God bless you Melanie.


  2. In Luke, the disciples thought he was a ghost after the resurrection. He replied, “Do ghosts have flesh and bones?” It always facinated me that He didn’t deny their existence here either.


  3. A scene in the movie ‘The Matrix’ reminded me of this particular Biblical scene: notably, where ‘Neo’ is being challenged to defy his perceived ‘reality’ (re: gravity), and jump off of a building (inside the matrix). He is being confronted with a NEW ‘reality’: one that requires a considerable amount of ‘faith’ and TRUST in the character of ‘Morpheus’ (HIS ‘saviour’).
    Peter, too, in his joy at seeing the Lord walking on a stormy sea, is moved to bravely ask to join Jesus ON the water; but, as soon as he finds himself confronted with ‘doing the impossible’ (according to natural law, his ONLY known ‘reality’), his faith and trust, wane!
    God created “the SEEN, and the UNSEEN”. I believe that the “unseen” world is even more ‘real’ and much more powerful than the “seen” (natural) world … since that is where God and the Heavenly Hosts live! To accomplish God’s Will in this “seen” realm, we MUST BELIEVE AND TRUST IN JESUS just EXACTLY like our human babies TRUST us to love and care for them … with THEIR best interests at heart!! As adults, that isn’t always easy to do, is it?

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