You are MINE and I Am Yours

You are MINE and I Am Yours

Aware of personal weaknessd34ee9d923f9a7f48cfd34eb8f1a52a7


After years of striving

for more of His Presence

ego and pride had shattered.

Exhausted and defeated .


breaking through the clammer of mundane, mindless duties,

unexpected words

pop into my mind

seemingly out of nowhere.cd626cb980c0e809eaa3f28994e956db (1)

You are Mine

but even more startling

I am yours.

Frozen in shocked confusion.

Still more light pierces

the ice of my boxed in  brain

 you are now one of Us

in communion with the Trinity

you are in Us and 

We are in you.

Recognition of Truth


a slow smile spreads

wider and wider


eyes dance with joy.

I am home.

Light  and truth have triumphed






7 thoughts on “You are MINE and I Am Yours

  1. What a stunning revelation! GOD bless you a bazillion-fold for sharing it. This is something to contemplate on for a lifetime.

    Where is the picture from that you used here today, and are copies available?

    Bless you!


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