No More Striving

Become HIS child. Carl Heinrich Bloch1834 – 1890

No more striving.

No more work.

Strong words,

Commands actually.

The words reverberate in my mind

Over and over,

Like a mantra.

A Divine mantra.

A Holy reminder to let God work in my core self,

Unhindered by my meddling.

This work of transforming

Is a Holy work

I just get in the way

When I attempt to manufacture myself into my idea of holiness.

Laughable attempts which are caricatures of real saints

Morgan Weistling – Walking with God

Better just to sit back

and watch

and wait

in wonder,

As the Holy Spirit works,

Creating in secret

In the silence

In the dark night of my spirit

A simple yes, like Mary’s

And God forms Jesus within









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