Words Have the Power of the Atom

The Power of His Words:
To bring freedom and healing
To shine light and reveal the truth   

To diffuse evil and derail violence                                                  

To rile up those who dwell in the shadows.

I am articulate. Words flow with ease, especially when I am upset. However, it would be presumptuous of me to think that the power rests in me because I have even talked my way out of a rape.  I talked circles around the man, even though he held a knife to my throat. Drove him crazy till he literally pushed me out of his truck with my eyes bound with tape because as the tape was about to cover my mouth, I went ballistic. My mouth is my weapon.

Yet only the words of the Holy Spirit can shake up another human being like mine did. Only the word of the Lord can dispel darkness.

Although I have surprised people since I was barely two years old with my mastery of language, it is a gift, pure and simple. No effort on my part at all; words just flow. Probably because I am tiny, words are my defense against anyone who threatens me. According to friends, my words or perhaps I should say OUR words do disarm antagonists. Yet there is a cost to consider. A fellow blogger commented on one of my posts,

“Words have the power of the Atom harnessed within them. With that power comes great responsibility. Sometimes it will cost you everything to stand for something bigger than yourself, to say what should said. Sometimes your words will leave you with nail scarred hands…”

My heart started pounding as I read these words because this fellow’s insights rang true and resonated within me.

Yes, powerful words protect us but they also stir and rile up those who prefer to live in the shadows and those who do not want to be exposed.

Words are powerful.

We must be gentle as doves and wise a serpents according to the scripture.

It is sometimes too complicated to figure it out when to speak and when to be silent on our own.

Perhaps the best plan is to simply listen, like Jesus did and only speak when He tells us to speak.

No egotistical heroics, just obedience.

The power of words to rile up those who dwell in the shadows and do not want to be exposed.

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