7 Quick Pinterset Takes


It all began at the beginning of this week when I started searching for great art for The Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Since then, I have spent hours this week swimming in images on Pinterset. Some images are gorgeous, Spirit saturated images which bring me into the presence of God, while others simply make me laugh or offer words of wisdom with great quotes. I want to share some of the best in this basically wordless post.


First the images that started it all. Two of my favorite works of art which celebrate the birth of Mary on Sept. 8


Icons. Painted during prayer, soaked in the Spirit, created to lead observers to pray. Here are three icons I discovered this week


Glorious stained glass



Funny Catholic pins to make sure we don’t take ourselves too seriously


Inspiring or pithy quotes


Unusual  Catholic churches

4 thoughts on “7 Quick Pinterset Takes

  1. will have to see if i can find you on Pinterest. I go by Cain2016 there. I get nearly all of the images for blog on Pinterest. Don’t know if this happens to you but when i go to find a particular ‘pin’…end up pinning tons. Can’t quit lol


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