7 Quick Modern Takes of Jesus As Lord, Friend….


For the 7 Quick Takes Friday link up this week, I must share just a sampling of unique, well done, modern art depicting Jesus. I detest tacky, Christian art because when a truly talented artist paints or draws our Lord and he is also filled with grace, the results are stunning.

Truly inspired art should also bless the viewer , move our hearts and spirits.



This first image, of a pensive Jesus, is pencil art by K. Sean Sullivan




Since “The Real Face of Jesus?” aired on the History Channel in the spring of 2010,  the Ray Downing Gallery has had requests from all over the world to make their portraits of Jesus available to the public. They have a whole series of stunning images.

To create these portraits they used the three-dimensional data encoded in the Shroud of Turin, as well as their artistic eye and experience to fill in the details not found in the cloth.







Frans Schwartz (1850—1917), Agony in the Garden, 1898, Oil on canvas,




Yongsung Kim

Jesus as saviour

by Yongsung Kim, a Korean, Christian artist whose unusual images are inspiring.

and then there is the art of Howard David Johnson below



Ron Dicianni – ‘He Holds The Keys’

Jesus is a healer. The artist, Ron DiCianni, is a master of lighting effects, always incorporating heavenly like illumination in his work.

Ron DiCianni


c933157fc8baef3172815443a0ddb4b7 Not sure yet  who this artist is but this image captures exactly how I would imagine Jesus related to children


“Jesus Christ Study #2” – oil on linen by C. Michael Dudash

“Jesus Christ Study#2” – oil on linen by C. Michael Dudash








and I must add Howard David Johnson

Daniel B. Holeman

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