Our Lady of the Rosary in Art


Our Lady of the Rosary , church of Santa Marija Assunta(Mosta dome) Mosta, Malta.

May is Mary’s month, but we celebrate “Our Lady of the Rosary” October 7th, which commemorates the naval victory of Lepanto over the Turks. The pope at the time, St. Pope Pius V, had asked the all of Europe to pray the rosary for victory because the Turks were poised to invade Italy. The victory was won, even though the odds were stacked against the Catholic forces, freeing many Christian slaves on board the Turkish ships.


By 250 A.D. Christian Prayer to Mary was widespread, rising to the level of liturgical prayer. In this beautiful Coptic papyrus, dated circa 250 A.D., is inscribed the following prayer:

Under thy compassion we take refuge, Theotokos [Birthgiver-of-God]; do not disregard our prayers in the midst of tribulation, but deliver us from danger, O Only Pure, Only Blessed One.




have stumbled across new images of Mary that are not well known but should be:


6 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Rosary in Art

  1. Hello,

    I suppose you got the image of Our Lady of the Rosary from the Art of Anna Szmatula from Pinterest. I would like you to know that it is a copyright image, owned by the artist, and you are not allowed to reproduce it without permission.

    Please see the original article about this artist (http://www.pastoralcentre.pl/art-anna-szmatula/), where you will find this information at the bottom of the page: All the paintings and icons on this page are copyright Anna Szmatuła. The rights to the linocut belong to Maria Magdalena Szmatuła. All images are used by permission of their creators, and may not be reproduced without permission.

    If you are interested in purchasing portraits, icons, religious art or other specially commissioned work by Anna Szmatuła, you can contact the artist through the Pastoral Centre. Put the tag “art and icons” in the subject line of your message.

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      1. Hi. I know it’s an innocent mistake. Pinterest has removed it. If you really want the image, I would have to contact the artist to allow republication on another site because she’s very leery of her images being used for let’s say ‘unholy’ applications online. She’s a lovely woman, and very unworldly in many ways (doesn’t have the internet at home and had to be nudged into even having a phone). We are delighted to promote her work, but have to respect her wishes about reserving the right to give permission to individual people or websites to reproduce her work… and then there’s the problem of people borrowing from one site to place the image in a site that would not be appropriate for an icon.

        Have a look at the story about Anna Szmatula – she’s a wonderful person as well as a wonderful artist. We feel honored to promote her work.

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