Stunning Medieval Church Inspires Praise

I am in awe of incredible architecture of the past, created without modern machinery or even power tools. The results are stunning testaments to faith and dedication to God. They inspire praise and prayer.The experience must be even more powerful in person if mere images can move us.

St. Denis Basilica in Paris, has sheer columns, arches and exceptional stained glass. It is the first monumental masterpiece of Gothic art. The Basilica of St Denis  marked the change from Romanesque architecture to Gothic architecture. The French Gothic was then spread across Europe as the Middle Ages international style. Then after, workshops at cathedral building sites propagated the new way through the training of master builders.


4 thoughts on “Stunning Medieval Church Inspires Praise

  1. This church is gorgeous. I grew up in a beautiful Brooklyn church – that was recently named a Basilica and I remember as a child gazing at the painted ceilings depicting the Church Militant, Church Suffering and Church Triumphant. There is so much catechesis that can be experienced just by spending some time studying the details of all of these magnificent churches! Thanks for sharing!

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