Pope Francis: The Greatest Modern Pope?

Theology Degrees contacted me, wondering if I would share their latest infographic entitled “Pope Francis: The Greatest Modern Pope?”  The information  on this infographic is a concise history of Pope Francis, where he came from, what he believes and how he fits into both the history of the Church and modern Catholicism. it is an invaluable aide to help people get to know a little bit more about this unique pope.
Pope Francis
Source: Theology Degrees


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11 thoughts on “Pope Francis: The Greatest Modern Pope?

  1. Pope Francis is humble and yes to me even though I am Christian Orthodox he represents what is good about CHRISTIANITY and he shows what GODS wants us to do and be and I love him for that, That was the best thing to have happened to the Catholic Church GOD has given them a true leader one who is fully aware of what people need THANK YOU

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  2. Thus far a mediocre Pope in need of an Translator who can figure out how to translate what the Pope in reality said in Spanish, Italian and Latin to English language. Obviously the translation to English is Hideous in press releases most notoriously by the Boobs in the Vatican Press office to say the least.. The Vatican officials Father Rosica of Canada etc are a surprisingly incompetent translators of Francis’s actual words to the English which he Francis scarcely speaks at all.


    1. The IDIOT at the Vatican who leaked the” All Dogs go to Heaven” atrocity to the press, a Deliberate miss-Quote needs to be sent away from the Vatican & catholic faith as soon as possible.

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  3. The Pope is a kind and gentle human being who does nothing but spread the goodness of God and just plain goodness itself. No matter how bad his accent is, no matter what religion he is, he is an awesome messenger of God and I love him. It breaks my heart to see so many negative comments to such a man who has done nothing but follow the words of Jesus that were passed on all the way back to Peter. I pray for all those who are so blind that they cannot see that all he is doing is spreading goodness.

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