Advent Interruptions

Advent is a proverbial time for waiting in the darkness for the birth of the Christ Child.tympanum

Waiting with Mary.

It is a time to silently listen in expectation

as well as a time to  sweep away the clutter in our hearts and souls

by simplifying our lives to make room

for a re-birth in our own hearts for this child called Jesus.

Often we are so busy with preparing for Christmas celebrations that we have little time to listen to God

second-virgin-mary-leon-e1379087913813or our fellow man.

If we take the time to practice this art of listening to other people,

we will meet the Divine at the same time.

We meet with the Divine when we serve the least of our brethren, we serve Christ himself.
When we listen to a child, giving him all of our attention,
We are discovering how to listen to the Divine voice of the Christ Child as well.

download (4)God is inviting me to silence this year because


He is not just dropping in and visiting my heart these days

He has inhabited my heart

It is time to stop and listen, in silence and soak in the glow of His warmth shining in the dark.

in silence

soaking in the glow of His warmth shining in the darkness.



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