A Little After Life Humour

A little after life humour! (note: No I do not believe in reincarnation)

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8 thoughts on “A Little After Life Humour

  1. No, you don´t Mrs. Juneau…Neither do I! It´s all about ” Genetic Memories “. Genetic is in everything in our lives. Many places I visited that my beloved father had been there I felt a strong ” Déjà vu ” and feelings. Episodes that you live in life with a tough intensity, they can move to your children for example!
    My best regards.

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      1. Yes for sure! And I am glad you had…The ” Reincarnation ” subject even with humour from the theological point of view is very interesting ( and scientifically )…but lets leave aside, it just “…a little life humour! “.
        Thank you for sharing your good mood.
        My best regards.


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