Refusing to Play Games

biblical-quotes-about-love-love-bible-quotes-3-88198I do not want to die, only to discover I was playing society’s games, games which were dependant on the time and place I was born, rules which changed constantly.  I do not want to be so caught up in work, business, squabbles about doctrine and ritual, that I lose sight of Truth.

How devastating to stand before Christ and realize that I could have been His presence on earth, a window of light and joy, radiating His love and mercy but lost my way.

I can be His hands and feet and ears and whisper words I hear the Father speak to his little ones



I need to allow Love to transform me, so Love flows through me. Period.

I flooded my mind with these verses from scripture today to remind myself everything

turns to ash when we die, everything but His Love in us.



7 thoughts on “Refusing to Play Games

  1. Another great article Melanie Jean. Love, what a wonderful virtue! From the font of charity, all other virtues are animated and inspired (CCC 1827). If you have love, you can accomplish so much in Jesus’ name. Coincidentally, I’ll be covering a three part series on Love myself, beginning on Monday with Marital Love.

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