Sandra Lubreto Dettori: Catholic Artist

892cd49f1533863b3ec851188aeadc4fiusa_75x75.29278285_9lekSince faith influences every part of  Sandra Dettori’s life, she creates religious art. As a Catholic mom and artist, she loves images which bring  glory to God and  blessings to others. Sandra understands that beautiful religious art can uplift our spirit and our thoughts. Through her art, Sandra shares her faith with others and offers her talents to God.




Sandra’s background is graphic design with experience in printing as well as photo shoots, giving her a grasp of the process of design from start to finish. She loves to create images that communicate emotions deeper than just words,  pieces which inspire and lift the spirit. After a few years break from her field when she  moved from Italy to the US, she focused on digital art because this field is where she finds the most fulfillment as an artist.


find Sandra at her websites:  

23 thoughts on “Sandra Lubreto Dettori: Catholic Artist

  1. Thanks Melanie, I should have been more specific. LOL. A very good friend just lost her grandson, he was 58 days old. The baby died from Trisomy 18. I saw that picture an immediately thought of the family. Before I show it to them I wanted to find out the “love” that was behind it. Again thanks. Priscilla

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    1. I found it on one of her sites- the saint is St. me it seems like he is holding a baby, not Christ. I think art is meant to be interpreted..if it struck you as a saint embracing a human baby in heaven, then that is how God wants you to see it…especially for your friend


  2. Thank you Melanie for your beautiful answere. I am on the way to morning mass and will see my friend there. I will show her the picture after mass. God Bless You and also Sandra for doing art that touchs people’s souls. Priscilla

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  3. Sorry for the delay in answering you Melanie, but you were right telling Priscilla that the image was of Saint Anthony actually holding the baby Jesus in his arms. St. Anthony had a special devotion to the baby Jesus and surely we should see Jesus in every baby so your friend could very well interpret that. Thanks for the comments and God bless!

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      1. Hmmm- I wonder about that. If you get a chance would you please find out. I can see Joan, St Michael, St Augustine. He often speaks of St Therese, St Francis and St Ignatius (of course). Is that Martin of Tours? And who is the one on the bottom left?

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  4. 31st March 2019
    Very dear Mrs Lubreto
    Your pictures be for me absolutely wonderful. Only long time ago some persons were able to paint with your respect and delicacy. Your heart must be very pure
    In our unusual time please protect you praying each day the rosary. Really each day.
    May be you know the advertisements from Hildegard von Bingen and Katharina von Emmerich .
    I wish you together with all the lovely people you appreciate total protection. God bless you

    Montserrat (born in Barcelona -Spain- and living in Germany)

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