Stealing God’s Job: Defying Reality # 2

Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?”

Just like most people, I do not simply break a rule here and there;  no, like every other human being, I continually break the most fundamental law of the universe without any conscious effort by refusing to accept reality. Instead of realizing my place in the universe, as one of God’s creations, I put on masks and false personalities in a vain attempt to deny my very nature. In pride, I act like a queen at the centre my own little world. Even worse, I steal God’s job by trying to save myself by my own efforts

According to Thomas Merton (Seeds of Contemplation), a frog or tree are holy simply because they are who they were created to be. On the other hand, we are not who we were created to be or we would all be saints. We break all laws of nature out of pride. Steeped in delusion, we all cling to false personas and refuse to relax and accept the reality that man is not the centre of the universe.

The result?

We are not simply burned.

Oh no, just like me, most people live out an utterly miserable, guilt filled prison sentence, suffering like  pitiful victims.

Yep, living like the world revolved around me was not fun  nor was carrying the burdens of the world on my emotional shoulders.

This illegal activity is best illustrated by watching toddlers, those young tyrants of every family. There are countless examples of my two-year-olds refused any help, only to get into all sorts of trouble. I can laugh indulgently at my kids amusing escapades but guess what? God also laughs lovingly at me, waiting for me to exhaust my arrogance and embrace reality.

I am part of the Community of Saints, surrounding God who is at the centre of the universe.

 Everything does not depend on me when I let go of arrogance and give God His job back.

 Interestingly enough, I am happy and content once I turn and twirl, finding my rightful place in the universe in a valley of love and delight called simplicity.

Then bowing before God and others is not an act of shame but of sheer freedom and joy, a joy found as a mere child of God, no more and no less.

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