The Catholic Conference for Moms

I am spreading the word about an online, free conference called The Catholic Conference for Moms .  I think it’s going to be a great event.  And it’s not about organizers or the speakers–it’s about Jesus Christ and letting Him more and more into our lives and the lives of the those attending the conference.

The registration for the conference opens on Our Lady’s Feast of the Presentation, Feb. 2.  It is fitting that they begin this endeavor with petitions and prayers to Mary.  May she bring the mothers who need to come to our conference and bless them with the encouragement they need.
All aspects of this conference are being offered through Mary. Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, pray for us!
 Check out the website,  The Catholic Conference for Moms. It is free.  No strings attached.Enter to win one of the prize packages.  The conference will run during Lent–this will be an easy way to set aside time to prayerfully look at our vocations to motherhood.  It is convenient to catch some of the presentations–they can pick when and what they want to listen to.


2 thoughts on “The Catholic Conference for Moms

  1. Thanks Melanie Jean! I will be actually physically attending a Catholic women’s conference (Immaculée Ilibagizaon will be the speaker) one of the days, but the list of speakers looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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