All This for Even ONE Vocation


The Social Media Coordinator of Ascension Press wondered if I would share a video entitled “I Will Follow” to get young men excited about the priesthood. It is part of their larger Mass education program called “Altaration” which they have designed specifically for teens. Ascension has already attracted over 100k views on Facebook for their videos. I loved it.


When I agreed to post it, I was delighted with their Social Media Coordinator’s response.I will end this short post with his words ringing in your mind, heart and prayers.

Awesome! If we get even one vocation from this project we will consider it a success.10924594_10153135581320832_7100667388054520294_o

Watch  their short film calling young men to consider the priesthood. See why it has already received over 95k views. Learn more about the project at


7 thoughts on “All This for Even ONE Vocation

  1. Mrs. Juneau

    This is a very beautiful and motivating call to the priesthood. I felt myself moved!

    When I go to Church, I am going to hearing the ” Gospels ” or the ” Word of God ” and if I dislike the Priest, I´ll look for another one. I don´t blame anyone and less the Church for a bad service. The Church is made by men and more…..

    Ending, we can serve God in many ways….what is important is your own truth in the heart. In the final God will ( only ) look to your heart!

    To be a Priest you must to obey an ecclesiastical hierarchy totally and sometimes they don´t give you the bests paths and advices! I just obey Jesus-Christ, His Mother and all the Divine! You´ve now an example: We´ve a great Pope, humble, speaks the ” Word of God ” and they want/are crucifying him!! I´ll not go to belong to that clan!!

    The Vatican is full of dirty things and at the same time clean. Is an antithesis! I prefer to be free and contest freely. I am not afraid of anyone and nothing! My Soul belongs to God!

    My best regards and thank you so much for your share.

    Mitch Lau

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      1. Mrs. Juneau

        Good answer!

        Yes God will show me the ” Door ” but at the moment He´s talking with me all the time! We´re discussing…He´s getting closer and closer! More ” Miracles ” in my life are happen at the same time and I am feeling in a healthy ” Storm “!
        Like you expressed so well “…Yours might be tailor just for you,…”. Loved so much this!
        Thank you so much!


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  2. Mrs Juneau

    I am sorry but I forget this to say: If I was a Priest I never took out cassock and use nike sneakers etc…I´ll more closer to Pope Francis!!

    My best regards.

    Mitch Lau

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