A Thrilling, Inspiring Video Trailer: Altaration

10985205_10153234929070832_5555931360811790824_nI shared a powerful video  by Ascension Press called “Will You Follow” a few weeks ago. It is a dramatic, vocation video aimed at teens, part of a soon-to-be-released five-part series called Altaration designed to enliven teens with a love and enthusiasm for the Mass.

This 3-minute trailer for Altaration is  extremely moving, thrilling actually. Mark Hart speaks in the power of the Holy Spirit. His words rang in my heart and lifted my spirits with fresh insights into the true meaning of the Mass. His words cast a fresh light on what is really happening on the altar and lit a new fire of love for the Father, Christ and the Eucharist within me.

The video shows flashes of other young people and priests, real men, real role models who will appeal to teens.

Although, this series is geared towards awakening teens to the transforming experience of the 10987333_847684665292869_8036925116812998148_nMass, it will touch everyone, young and old alike.  The music has punch, the pace is quick, the language direct and  real. This short trailer provides a satisfying answer to the question, “How can the Church engage teens in the beauty and depth of the Mass with competition like social media and smartphones?”





Watch it again and again till the words change you, transform you into a light. Share it and especially show it to teens; they will thank you


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