Can You Joke About Religion?

We are free to even laugh and even enjoy religious humour  because people who are secure in their faith understand their Father in heaven chuckles along with them.

( Melanie’s Theology 101)

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17 thoughts on “Can You Joke About Religion?

  1. FOR SURE! I want to like this a million times…so good! I like to think God laughs with us, and maybe even sometimes AT us…like we do with/at our own children.

    LOVE the one for humbling the ego, hahahaha! Excellent post, Melanie. I have to share!


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  2. ALL of you!

    Any kind of Religion deserves Respect! For starting!

    Find joy, find good laughs in another kind of jockes.

    You, Cherteston, sometimes so unbearable and inconsistent! Many times occurs me ( in my mind ) a strong wish to give you two strong slaps! You can NEVER jocke about any Religion!

    Mrs. Juneau I´ll be waiting for your answer. I hope you´ll do that!

    To finish, AlL of you if you need a good laugh,to find joy,to find happiness in your unhappy lives go to the Cinema. See a Comedy Movie!!!

    Mitch Lau


    1. I understand what you are saying. Yet there is a difference between tasteless “jokes” which make fun of religion or try to put it down and “jokes” made in good humour by joyful, people of faith.

      What I did not come out and say was the difference between angry, defensive Islamics who take offense at any perceived slight and truly humble Christians who can laugh at themselves and even make tasteful “jokes about the religion they love


  3. Mrs. Juneau!

    Do not touch in what is ” SACRED “! I don´t care the differences! Go to see a Comedy Movie at the Cinema…




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