Tapes Available TODAY: Online Catholic Conference 4 Moms

CatholicConference4Moms took place this weekend and now Tami has put together a great conference package.   It goes for sale today, March 10th.
The Catholic Conference4moms was a big success with thousands of participants during the four days. Now it’s time to use these wonderful resources for Mom’s groups, Bible studies, book study groups, share groups, parish renewal programs and just to share with a neighbor over coffee. With the videos and discussion guide, we have all the need to evangelize to those around us.
Here is the discount code that applies $10 off the Conference Package of $39.99, so you pay only $29.99. The code is the name of my site:
When you go to this link, you will see all the bonus gifts of books and CDs and other discounts that are included in this package: http://www.catholicconference4moms.com/

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