Publishing with Joy

My first two mini books are practice runs for my real book.  Self-publishing all on my own made me realize next time around I need  beta readers and a real editor so my writing and presentation are professional looking.  Echoes of the Divine was published for free on Smashwords first and has 198 reads in three weeks but is the highest rated Christian Family Living book since 2011. I only begged two people to rate it,  so this is basically an honest rating ( laughing). Since Oopsy Daisy is on Amazon exclusively for three months, it will hopefully be free on Sunday. The following image is my author page and is linked to Amazon.  Melanie Jean Juneau  Books  Biography  Blog  Audiobooks  Kindle  Melanie Jean Juneau  Books  Biography  Blog  Audiobooks  Kindle
March 22, 2015
51KH8hdsA4L._AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-28,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_Life at the Juneau’s farmhouse was often overwhelming with eleven personalities living, working and playing together. Luckily, Melanie had a wicked sense of humour and just enough grace to remain serene in the eye of the hurricane, the CEO of a chaotic domain. She has written hundreds of short stories, insights and articles which only could happen when you put nine kids together on a farm. Oopsy Daisy is a selection of short stories, an introduction to her upcoming book, One Breath at a Time.






3 thoughts on “Publishing with Joy

  1. I promptly visited Amazon and purchased both of the books, thank you for your efforts of doing the Lord’s work, I can’t wait to get to reading!!

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