Worth Revisiting: You THINK You’re Building My Church


Words whispered in my heart.

You think you are building my Churchimages-14

With all your hectic activity.

But in reality you are not helping me at all

You are hindering my true work on earth.


63b91cb636de081e082afa0fa67dba0fAll I want,

All I need,

Is for you to

Come and stand

At the foot of my Son’s Cross.



Let the fire of His Love47278ce93e885701d4d4a8861be163ff

Pierce your Heart,

Transforming you into

His Presence on Earth .


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19 thoughts on “Worth Revisiting: You THINK You’re Building My Church

      1. Happy to be part of you family! 🙂
        Please say a little prayer for me tonight as yesterday was the 6 months anniversary of Little Josephine’s passing, and it’s hard. Want to write about it but haven’t managed yet.

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      2. my heart and prayers are with you- i cannot begin to imagine the pain- just know that you are still her mother; she is on the other side of a thin veil- and when you re asked how many kids you have, she is among that number


      3. Yes, I say six now. And I talk to her, and ask her to help me. The kids are so good at knowing how close she is to us, and how happy she is. For them, Heaven has become so concretely real and close.
        Thank you for your kindness, Melanie.

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  1. Beautiful! I find that it’s no coincidence that we often hear these words of invitation to draw closer, when we have chosen to make time and space for God in our lives. He’s these waiting for us, all the while 🙂

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