Eve’s Apple: Virtual Book Tour and Giveaway

Eve’s Apple by Marie Therese Kceif.Eve's Apple book cover

Short Synopsis
A Witness of God’s Faithfulness: Marie struggles to grow in grace and guidance from the Lord while slowly recognizing her own rebellion. She intimately shows us the highs of her aviation, military and automotive careers and the suffering lows of abuse, bankruptcy, and divorce. Her relationship with God grows through it all. Eve’s Apple is a witness of how God gently guides one of His Eves into a slow freeing surrender of a Mary’s trusting yes. This is a journey of hope, faith, and real relationship!

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An Army captain, Marie took complete charge of her first marriage, calling all the shots. After becoming pregnant during an affair with a dominant pilot, she married him and her role flipped. Marie explains,” I went from being a commander in the attack Army Cavalry to being an abused working mother. After much thought, I believe I ended up on both ends of the spectrum because of my deep-rooted sense of needing to be self-reliant in all things.”

Marie hit bottom,  ending up in women’s shelters and experiencing the humiliation of bankruptcy, and divorce. Broken, she finally turned to God. Marie found a job and a home. She came back to her Catholic faith, received annulments from both of her marriages, and eventually discovered happiness in a traditional Catholic marriage.

 I was used to being in charge, calling the shots, and being at the helm, even when the burden was too heavy for me. … I was learning I could be powerful and useful without being the one in charge or in the limelight. Over time this concept has been liberating, relieving me of a burden I didn’t need to carry.

Author’s Biography 

From farm life in Wisconsin, Marie Therese Kceif went on to have a varied full life. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics. Marie became an active duty US Army Capt. and pilot, automotive manager, bible study leader, RCIA guide, lector, speaker, writer, mom and wife. She now lives with her husband in Fenton, Michigan.

Reviews for Eve’s Apple
Joseph A. Marsigla, COL, MS, Commander, US Army: “Some words that come to mind are warm, introspective, wonderment, I could go on and on. The talent God has given her has allowed me to look at my life, to look at things I have not thought of in some time. I see many parallels and similar struggles. This book is one of those rare jewels that can change lives.”Father David Harvey, Senior Catholic Priest: “An able storyteller and an adept communicator. She speaks with conviction and grace.”Jill Savage, Hearts at Home founder and CEO: “She has a story to tell, and she tells it well. She’s honest and open about the less-than-charming part of her story. Most important, however, she is candid and sincere about the work God has done in her life. Our moms were touched by her story, and I know you will be, too.”Goodreads Giveaway
The author is giving away a free e-book code to a lucky winner each day of the Virtual Book Tour. The drawing will take place on April 26. Go HERE to enter.Also, the FIRST PERSON TO COMMENT ON THIS BLOGPOST WINS A FREE E-COPY OF EVE’S APPLE.

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