Art of the Ressurection

Catholics are more focused on the Passion than on Pentecost while Pentecostals are more focused on, well, the Resurrection and Pentecost. Although we are in a Liturgical season of joy, there are still more pins of the Crucified Christ than of the Resurrected Christ on Pinterest’s Catholic sites.

When people think of a Catholic saint, the first image that comes to mind is a sad, pale, thin figure, often tortured and in pain, or looking as if he was wearing a hair shirt. Traditional Catholic art has reinforced this impression. Recently I was looking for images of smiling or laughing monks. Hundreds of images popped up featuring Buddhist monks laughing, but I had trouble finding a handful of photos or paintings of joyful Catholic monks and priests

So I  have gathered together images of the Resurrection and the Ascension to encourage you to embrace the joy of the Lord.

15th: Vincente Manansala

William Holman Hunt – Christ and the two Marys


Ron DiCianni

PicMonkey Collage

Michael O’Brien

Patrick Devonas

Life-giving water-by Yongsung Kim

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8 thoughts on “Art of the Ressurection

  1. Beautiful! I notice that in the West there are not as many depictions of the Resurrection as in the East. On the other hand, we depict the crucifixion a lot more than in the East. I’ve heard some people attribute this to differences in soteriology, but I haven’t looked into this much to know if this is a fair assessment. The depictions of Mary in the West vs. the East has always fascinated me. In the East, Mary is always depicted as the Theotokos (with the infant Jesus), but in the West, Mary is often alone. I have thought a lot recently about the theological implications of religious art – how religious art reflects the theologies of our churches.

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    1. to me, the East focuses on the gospel of John and mysticism which of course exists only because of the Resurrestion. The West is more legalistic, focusing on the gospel of Matthew and sufferrng or the Passion


      1. interesting. I have always felt that at the core of the Latin expression of the Catholic faith is John’s Gospel because of the great emphasis on body, but yes, the West is definitely more legalistic. Anselm’s atonement may have a part to play, but we are definitely moving toward a more robust atonement theory. This definitely reminds me of why it is important that the Church breathe through both lungs as JP2 said.

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  2. Beautiful artwork Melanie!

    I recently read/reviewed a fascinating book called A Glorious Dark by A J Swoboda that uses that uses Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday (and the events that occur on those days) as a metaphor for how different denominations within Christianity approach their faith. I think you and your readers who have enjoyed your post would also enjoy this book:

    Have a wonderful week!

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