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Echoes of the Divine by Melanie Jean JuneauDefault 1

Although babies are pre-verbal, they are perceptive and remember,
even their time in the womb. Since infants come from God, they are more
spiritual than adults ever imagined. Melanie offers insights through
slice-of-life stories which will surprise you and make you laugh. Her writing is humorous and heartwarming, thoughtful and thought-provoking,
with a current of spirituality running through it.
Melanie Jean Juneau is a wife, writer and mother of nine children who blogs at
joy of nine9. The very existence of a joyful mother of nine children
seems to confound people. Part of her call and her witness is to write
the truth about children, family, marriage and the sacredness of life, especially a life lived in God.
#1 Rated Nonfiction-Religion&Spirituality-Christian Life/Family on Smashwords
Price: Free
Genre: Nonfiction
Get it at: Smashwords          Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Blue Hydrangeas: an Alzheimer’s love story by Marianne Sciucco

Default 4
What if the person who knew you best and loved you most forgot your face, and couldn’t remember your name?  Jack has made an impossible promise: He and Sara will stay together in their beautiful home no matter what the disease brings. However, after nine years of selfless caregiving, complicated by her progressing Alzheimer’s and his own failing heart, he finally admits he can no longer care for her. Marianne Sciucco is not a nurse who writes but a writer who happens to be a nurse. A lover of words and books, she dreamed of becoming an author when she grew up but became a nurse to avoid poverty. She later brought her two passions together and writes about the intricate lives of people struggling with health and family issues. Her debut novel, Blue Hydrangeas, an Alzheimer’s love story, is rated 4.7 stars on Amazon and has more than 60 5-star reviews. A native Bostonian, she lives in New York’s Hudson Valley and, when not writing, works as a campus nurse at a community college. She loves books, the beach, and craft beer, and especially enjoys the three of them together.
#1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller: Medical Fiction Price: $.99 (regularly $2.99)
Genre: Medical Fiction
Get it at: Smashwords          Barnes & Noble          Amazon          iTunes

 Default 1Trusting God with St. Therese by Connie Rossini

Are your fears, weaknesses, doubts, and anger keeping you from intimacy with Christ? Do you struggle with despair? Learn how Therese of Lisieux trusted God through tragedy, scruples, spiritual darkness, and physical suffering. Connie Rossini pairs episodic stories from the saint’s life with memories of her own quest to trust. With Sacred Scripture, theCatechism of the Catholic Church, and insights from psychology, Rossini leads readers to surrender their lives completely to Jesus.
Connie Rossini gives whole families practical help to grow in holiness. She is the author of Trusting God with St. Therese, A Spiritual Growth Plan for Your Choleric Child, and the free ebook Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life. She writes a spirituality column for The Prairie Catholic of the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota, and blogs at Contemplative Homeschool. She is also a columnist for and owns the Google+ Community Indie Catholic Authors. Connie and her husband Dan have four young sons. #2 Amazon Kindle Bestseller: Catholicism (2014) Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval
Price: $.99 (regularly $4.99) Genre: Nonfiction Get it at: Amazon

Default 1Eyewitness: a Novella by John C. Connell

Around 33 A.D. Jesus the Christ chooses a blind beggar out of a crowd, and performs a very public, miraculous healing. We are introduced to the Man-Born-Blind in John’s Gospel, chapter nine. We see him, but we do not see what he saw… until now. Peek back in time to see the Gospel come into focus, like never before!
John C. Connell, in addition to Eyewitness, is the author of Catholics Mean Business: 30 Days to Managing Your Work Week, God’s Way, and the follow-up, Catholics Have Courage: 40 Days to Beating Stress, God’s Way. He lives, works, and writes in Houston, TX., where he is crafting other works of nonfiction to “nurture the soul at work,” and more fiction that will bring history alive like never before!
Price: Free(regularly $2.99)
Genre: Biblical Fiction Get it at: Amazon

Tales of the Magical Rocking Chair by MaryAnn D’Amico

Grandmother Mamonona wants to give her grandaughter Kylee a special gift for her first birthday. Mamonona creates a Magical Rocking Chair from an old rocking chair that was her daughter’s chair growing up. The familiy heirloom becomes a window into the world of creativity, art, virtue, and prayer. Kylee learns about creativity and imagination. This is book one in a series.
Author Maryann D’Amico has been writing children’s books for the children in her life for seven years. They were created as gifts to her grandchildren for their birthdays and Christmas. Price: $.99 (regularly $2.99) Genre: Children’s Book Get it at: Amazon

Default 2100 Best Free Online Learning Links by Dawn Witzke

Pendragon Academy’s 100 Best Free Online Learning Links for Teachers, Parents and Students is filled with the best free educational sites on the internet. With fun learning games, lesson plans, resource sites, interactive lessons and virtual programs, there is something for everyone. The learning links are indexed alphabetically, by grade level and by subject for easy navigation.
Dawn Witzke is a published writer of diverse styles and genres, with an emphasis on law and education. She has a love of learning that she shares with everyone, including her son whom she homeschooled for a time. She holds three degrees, including a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Sociology and is a NALA Certified Paralegal.Dawn is currently working on a series of educational reference books as well as a Catholic YA trilogy.
Price: $.99 (regularly $2.99)
Genre: Nonfiction
Get it at: Amazon

I Thirst for Your Love by Michael Seagriff

Our Lord thirsts for our love. He is waiting for us to love Him! Why have so many of us been unwilling to quench His thirst? If we really believed Jesus Christ was truly here with us, we would visit Him. Nothing would prevent us from doing so. We would not permit anyone or anything to take precedence over Him. But we do not come as we ought because not enough of us believe He is here! It is the author’s hope that after reading this book you will quench His thirst, and Love! Reverence! and Visit Him!

Michael Seagriff practiced law for 30 years, as a general practitioner, prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and Administrative Law Judge. His vocation as a Lay Dominican created an insatiable desire to learn, study, live and share the Faith. For more than ten years he led a Prison Ministry program and has spent the past decade promoting Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. Now retired, he aspires to promote zeal for the salvation of souls, awe and amazement for the Holy Eucharist and Eucharistic Adoration, and fidelity to the Truths of our Catholic Faith. See Michael’s other book on sale below. Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval
Price: $.99 (regularly $3.99)
Genre: Nonfiction
Get it at: Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Seven Archangels: Annihilation by Jane Lebak

Seven Archangels: Annihilation

Angels have always known they’ll live forever, but now Satan has figured out how to annihilate an angel. He starts with Gabriel. Who’s next?
Jane Lebak talks to angels, cats, and her kids. Only the angels listen to her, but the kids talk back. She lives in the Swamp, writing books and knitting socks, with the occasional foray into violin-playing. You’ll also find her blogging at, a resource for writers seeking agents and small publishers. Enjoy!

Price: $.99 (regularly $3.99) Genre: Religious Fiction Get it at: Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Daddy, Come & Get Me: a dad's adventure through a Guatemalan adoptionDaddy, Come & Get Me by Gil Michelini

Daddy, Come & Get Me: a dad’s adventure through a Guatemalan adoption tells two stories about one girl. Author Gil Michelini tells how he led his family through the process of adopting a daughter of Guatemala. Using the official Guatemalan adoption documents, along with assistance of those familiar with the Guatemalan culture, Michelini includes a plausible story of his daughter’s life in Guatemala and how her birthmother came to the decision to relinquish her for adoption. This story is included to illustrate and honor the sacrifice one woman endured for the sake of her daughter. Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Price: $.99 (regularly $3.99) Genre: Memoir Get it at: Amazon

Stealing JennyStealing Jenny by Ellen Gable

Mentally unstable woman kidnaps pregnant mother of five. Ellen Gable (Hrkach) is a bestselling, award-winning author of five books. She is also a freelance writer, publisher, editor, speaker, book coach, NFP teacher and President of Catholic Writers Guild. When she’s not writing, Ellen enjoys spending time with her husband and five sons, watching old movies, playing trivia games and reading on her Kindle. She and her family reside in rural Pakenham, Ontario, Canada. #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller: Christian Fiction, Mystery and Suspense (2012, 2013, 2014) #1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller: Religious Drama (2012-2013) Top Ten Religious Drama (2012-2014) Price: $.99 (regularly $3.99) Genre: Mystery and Suspense Get it at: Amazon

Who is Jesus? Study Edition: 1st Century Eyewitnesses Tell Their StoriesWho is Jesus? (Study Edition) by Cheryl Wills

What might it have felt like to meet Jesus when he walked the earth? What would it be like to witness miracles by him? What changes would follow? The short stories in this book are told by people who met Jesus in the Gospels, as imagined by the author. Discover the difference an encounter with Jesus made in their lives. As historical fiction, the stories accurately reflect the era’s culture and historical context. It is designed to make people consider their own life events differently for the purpose of personal growth. The reflections are divided into six sections and are intended for use by individuals at their own pace or in groups. Cheryl Ann Wills is an author and entrepreneur. From childhood through college and the workplace, she has been a writer. Her writing varies from non-fiction to children’s stories. This is her first published work of historical fiction. Her passion is to give back to society by making a difference. She and her husband, Ed, have three fabulous daughters and two happy dogs. Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Price: $.99 (regularly $7.95) Genre: Biblical Fiction Get it at: Amazon

Forgotten Truths to Set Faith Afire! by MichaelProduct DetailsSeagriff

Many Catholics do not hear, know or live the Truths of their Faith. Retired attorney and Lay Dominican Michael Seagriff has done something about this tragic situation by compiling more than 1200 quotations from Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Popes, Church Doctors, saints, bishops, priests, sinners and regular folk. The power of these words changed the author’s life and can do the same for all who read and reflect upon them. Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Price: $.99 (regularly $3.99) Genre: Nonfiction Get it at: Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Learning to Pray with St. JosemariaLearning to Pray with St. Josemaria by Tom McDonough (Editor)

To pray is to talk to God, but how? With this book we learn from a master, St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. Part I takes selections from his published works in which he speaks directly with God. Part II is his collection of New Testament passages assembled in 1933 for his own prayer. Together they accent the simple, confident, childlike way he talked with his divine Father. St. Josemaría’s message was and is that God calls everyone to holiness, most of us in the midst of the mundane things of every day. Tom McDonough has been learning to pray with St. Josemaria for 45 years. Price: $.99 (regularly $5.99) Genre: Nonfiction Get it at: Barnes & Noble          Amazon

The Priest and the PeachesThe Priest and the Peaches by Larry Peterson

Yimey knew the secret to life. He made sure his family and friends did too. Even when his beloved wife, Elizabeth, died, he kept the faith. But the booze dulled the pain and he used too much. Then he died and left his five children to fend for themselves. They did not understand why people were calling their dad a “great man”. How could that be? Alcohol had killed him and he had left them alone. Who was this man they called “Pops” but everyone else called “Yimey”? Larry Peterson, Sr. is a published author and Catholic/Christian blogger. Larry’s first wife died of cancer (Melanoma) in 2003. He married again in 2006. The writer has three grown kids and six grandchildren and they all live within three miles of each other. His books include the children’s book, Slippery Willie’s Stupid, Ugly Shoes. Awarded the Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Price: $.99 (regularly $4.99) Genre: Religious Fiction Get it at: Smashwords          Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Church Triumphant: 25 Men and Women who Gave Their Lives to ChristChurch Triumphant by John Paul Wohlscheid

In Church Triumphant, you can read about 25 men and women who dedicated their lives to God and the Catholic Church. These men and women are heroes of virtue and prayer who helped change the world for Christ. The biographies are written concisely with the goal of giving you the chance to learn about great saints in a short amount of time. John Paul was born and raised in West Michigan. He attends daily Mass with his parents and brother, Michael. John Paul and his brother have served English, Latin, and Polish Masses for over 17 years. John Paul has always loved to read about the saints and about the Roman Catholic Faith in general. He hopes to become a priest someday. Price: $.99 (regularly $2.99) Genre: Nonfiction Get it at: Smashwords

Return To ParadiseReturn to Paradise by Tim Speer

David had planned to go to his college homecoming and then spend a week with his parents. However, an accident on the highway sends him on a detour that will ultimately result in him spending the weekend in Spring River, a small farming community where many of the local farmers are facing foreclosure. Is David’s arrival in Spring River purely happenstance, or is there a reason for him to be there? As David learns more about the corrupt practices of the local bank he must decide what role, if any, he will play in trying to stop the foreclosures. Complicating his decision is Sarah, a local waitress. With plans to only be in town a couple of days, David knows that Sarah will likely be just a passing acquaintance. But is that all she really is to him? Tim Speer lives in Midland, Texas, with his beautiful wife. They have two grown children. His hobbies include hiking, photography, mineral collecting, and astronomy – essentially enjoying all of God’s creation from crystals that come from deep inside the earth, to celestial objects in the deepest regions of outer space. Awarded Catholic Writers Guild Seal of Approval Price: $.99 Genre: Inspirational Romance Get it at: Barnes & Noble          Amazon

Product DetailsNavigating Deep Waters by Jeannie Ewing and Eileen Benthal

Navigating Deep Waters: Meditations for Caregivers offers caregivers a contemplative basis for understanding their unique circumstances. Each chapter focuses on the metaphoric theme of water, and the reader can interpret its meaning through prayer and reflection. Journaling prompts and a prayer are offered at the end of each chapter, as well as lined pages for the reader to jot down thoughts and emotions. Intended to supplement other available resources for caregivers, Navigating Deep Watersacknowledges the deep, spiritual and psychological aspects of caregiving that will enrich every caregiver’s journey toward healing, peace, and joy. Jeannie Ewing is a writer, speaker, and grief recovery coach.  Jeannie was featured on National Public Radio’s Weekend Editionand Tony Agnesi’s radio show Finding God’s Grace. She offers her insight from a counselor’s perspective into a variety of topics, including grief, spirituality, and parenting children with special needs. Jeannie resides in northern Indiana with her husband and two daughters, both of whom have special needs. Price: Free (regularly $2.99) Genre: Nonfiction Get it at: Amazon

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