Worth Revisiting: Getting to Know Your Baby Before Birth

An unborn child hears and reacts emotionally, not only to his mother but also to the people and activity around him.
Prenatal babies have personalities before they are born.
As any mother can tell you some babies move around energetically both in and out of the womb, while other infants are physically passive. Some infants are night owls both in and out of the womb and others actually sleep well at night.
As nurses will point out to new parents, newborns quickly turn towards the voices of their mother, father, siblings and even grandparents. So that means that an unborn child hears what is happening and remembers what he has heard while he was still in the womb. These memories are conscious for the first couple of years of a young child’s life but later they lay deep within their subconscious.
For example, some musicians, when first introduced to a piece of music, already know how to play it without even rehearsing. Later they discover  their mother had practiced the very same piece of music while she was pregnant with him.
Understanding the implications of these tidbits of trivia, I convinced my son to try this experiment with his pregnant wife a couple of months before the birth of their first child. Actually, this is something I did during all my pregnancies. Often my kids laugh and dismiss some of my beliefs but this time David took my suggestion and put it into action.1618406_244378499071210_688280480_n - Copy
David gently placed his hand on one side of his wife, Erica’s, stomach and then talked loud to his unborn child, welcoming her into their family. He told unborn Eva both of her parents loved her already and they would protect her and supply all her needs, physically, emotionally and spiritually. He concentrated on pouring love into his unborn baby’s spirit.
As David loved his baby by talking and placing his hand on Erica’s right side, unborn Eva kicked and pushed on that side of the womb! When David placed his hand on the other side of Erica’s stomach and repeated the ‘prayers’, their unborn daughter placed a few good kicks on that side instead.
Obviously, pre-natal Eva heard everything and she was happy and excited by what she heard. As a result of Eva’s parents consciously soaking her with nurturing love while she was still in the womb, she is a peaceful, content baby who is a joy and a delight to everyone she meets. None of their friends can quite understand how Eva can be such a good baby.
Basically the answer to their question is my son and his wife connected with Eva’s heart, mind and spirit before she was born. After birth, they knew how to respond to Eva’s none verbal communication. David and Erica were in fact Baby Whisperers.
In the hospital, while holding his newborn daughter, David turned to his dad and said, “I think this is the best thing that I have ever done!”
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3 thoughts on “Worth Revisiting: Getting to Know Your Baby Before Birth

  1. Beautiful and thought-provoking. I think that’s what God is doing with us when the wind blows and the flowers open… welcoming us to our new lives in Love… Heart connection is the most amazing sensation…


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  2. This is so sweet. James was feeling our 6 months inside baby kick last night and it was so fun. My kids all love to hug baby in my belly and play peek a boo with little pushes and kicks. It’s really a special time to spend with baby, and sometimes the only one we get. How important it is to appreciate it, despite all the goofy things that come along with pregnancy, like heartburn and endless bathroom trips, and the fashion challenge of trying to dress a human size seahorse…me! 😉


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